Frequently Asked Questions

Aldoin is a joint project of IT company Eqvola LLP and Marketing company “Adviora”, whose main targets are to help gain on Crypto-Mining and to increase number of accessible innovative ideas based on blockchain technology. Aldoin uses only advanced technologies and seeks to meet needs of all players in Cryptocurrency market – Users, Investors, Business owners and Governments. A more detailed description of Aldoin development plans can be found in WhitePaper.

At first stage of ALDO Crowdsale, Aldoin will already solve most important problem of modern Mining market concerning lack of mining equipment as well as a large number of difficulties related to creating a Mining farm. Investing in Aldoin will make possible for you to become a new actor on this market and increase your investment on Mining / Cloud Mining niche. Our team will provide required capacities, which will allow you to earn money without leaving your home and create your own passive income. Aldoin will solve obstacle of purchasing correct equipment, providing required electric power, security / fire protection, correct installation and configuration of Mining hardware.

In next stages, Aldoin team will provide additional functionality and bring new opportunities on this niche, which will increase investor’s profit and provide strong stability. A more detailed description of Aldoin development plans can be found in WhitePaper.

Investor will become part of a new business with a huge potential, which will allow them to diversify their portfolio investment.

Priorities of Aldoin company are to meet investors and customers needs. Each investor who believes in our success will be rewarded with a monthly dividend payment from 1% to 4%. On each individual stage, clients will receive first dividends one month after full launch of Aldostation from this stage. If client manages to buy ALDO at the first stage, first dividends will be credited one month after full Aldostation-1 launch.

Our dividends percentage depend on Mining profitability. As 70% of Aldoin profits will be earned from Aldostations Mining, we cannot state for a fixed percentage amount. But our past experience will give us opportunity to have very often upper limit hit.

When dividends are paid, 1 ALDO Equity Token is always equated to $1, regardless of the market rate.

Main clients of Eqvola LLP are Forex brokers. A wide range of products not only on development but also consulting services, handling legal issues and launching advertising campaigns.

Today Eqvola offers development and integration of Fintech solutions such as turnkey Forex Broker website, Affiliate systems, CRM systems, WebTrader, MQL5/MetaTrader programing. It also provides development of mobile application and projects not related to Fintech.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) – the initial offer of coins. ICO helps the company to attract proper venture capital to develop and expand his business. During ICO period, it is possible for any interested investors to buy coins at a predetermined price. While company growth, the value of coins increases allowing investors to multiply initial investments and become part of new profitable business.

At initial stages of receiving investments, it is possible for users to purchase ALDO Equity Token at a more favorable rate.

Round 1. 1 ALDO – 500 000 ALDO. Price $0.9 = 1 ALDO
Round 2. 500 001 ALDO – 1 000 000 ALDO. Price $0.95 = 1 ALDO
Round 3. 1 000 001 ALDO – 1 500 000 ALDO. Price $0.96 = 1 ALDO
Round 4. 1 500 001 ALDO – 2 000 000 ALDO. Price $0.97 = 1 ALDO
Round 5. 2 000 001 ALDO – 2 500 000 ALDO. Price $0.98 = 1 ALDO
Round 6. 2 500 001 ALDO – 3 000 000 ALDO. Price $0.99 = 1 ALDO
Round 7. 3 000 001 ALDO – 3 500 000 ALDO. Price $1 = 1 ALDO
Round 8. 3 500 001 ALDO – 4 000 000 ALDO. Price $1.05 = 1 ALDO
Round 9. 4 000 001 ALDO – 4 500 000 ALDO. Price $1.1 = 1 ALDO
Round 10. 4 500 001 ALDO – 5 000 000 ALDO. Price $1.15 = 1 ALDO

We accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH).

The minimum amount is equivalent $1000. The maximum is unlimited.

The minimum amount is 1 ALDO. The maximum is unlimited during Phase 1.

Yes. There are 3 options to earn commission for attracting new customers.

  • CPA (cost-per-action) – payment for an action. Affiliate will earn a fixed fee of 3% from client investment in ALDO Token, fixed investments and/or Buying Cloud mining service.
  • RS (RevShare) – Revenu Sharing. Affiliate will earn 3% of the client’s profit from dividend, fixed investment and from hash power.
  • Hybrid model. Affiliate will earn 1.5% on the CPA payment model + 1.5% on the RS model.

For large volume of more than $25000, affiliate may be offered terms of cooperation on an individual basis.
To discuss an individual cooperation conditions, affiliate should contact by email

Yes. Our Website only uses secure channel using Comodo SSL certificate with AES 256 bit encryption. This ensures full protection of the user’s personal data when working with the Website.

Aldoin team is developing new schemes for protecting personal data, but the biggest vulnerability involves user errors. Such errors include disclosing login and password, putting private key on the Internet or its accidental deletion. All this can lead to financial and investment losses. We strongly recommend you to ensure the best possible protection of these data. More detailed description can be found in “Privacy Policy.”

If you did not find the answer to your questions in this FAQ, you can contact us at

To get an interview, you need to contact our press department at

Resident from any country can take part in ALDO Crowdsale if they don’t have restriction in their jurisdiction like the US.